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Roderick and Dawn Tripp

Co-Founders & CEO | CFO

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Service (PCMS)

Category: Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

Diversity Classification

MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)


Broussard, LA


  • Covid 19 Professional Cleaning

  • Commercial Janitorial Services

  • Hard Floor Cleaning

  • Professional Window Cleaning

  • Construction Cleanup

  • Lawn Care and Maintenance

  • Environmental Services


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Supplier Diversity (8).png


What Ochsner Says...

I highly recommend Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services (PCMS) for their exceptional janitorial services provided to Ochsner Health facilities in Lafayette, LA. Their staff is professional, prompt, and attentive, ensuring that our facilities are clean and well-maintained at all times.


What sets PCMS apart is their commitment to customer service and leadership demonstrated by Roderick Tripp, the president of PCMS. He has always been responsive to our needs and concerns, ensuring that his team meets our expectations and beyond.


Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by PCMS, and I highly recommend them to any business or organization in need of reliable and professional janitorial services.


Name of Ochsner Business Contact

Title | Department, Ochsner Health

A Look into PCMS

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services (PCMS) was founded by Roderick Tripp in 1997 with the goal of providing exceptional janitorial and maintenance services to businesses and organizations throughout Louisiana. Initially starting with just a small team, PCMS quickly gained a reputation for their reliability, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Over the years, PCMS has expanded their services and client base, with a primary focus on serving healthcare organizations. They understand the unique needs and requirements of healthcare facilities, and work closely with their clients to provide tailored cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Under Roderick and Dawn's leadership, PCMS has grown into a highly respected and trusted janitorial company, serving clients across Louisiana. They continue to prioritize their commitment to customer service, reliability, and attention to detail, ensuring that their clients receive the highest level of care and attention.


PCMS Corporate Leadership Administrative Team


PCMS Field Leadership Team

Services and/or ProductsProvided to Ochsner Health

Onsite Industrial and Commercial Cleaning.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services (PCMS) provides exceptional industrial and commercial cleaning services to Ochsner Health Lafayette on a daily basis, with a focus on advanced cleaning of operating rooms and high-contact areas.

Their hard floor cleaning services are second to none, ensuring that floors are not only clean but also safe and slip-resistant. Additionally, all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected, with a strict attention to detail that has resulted in zero infections.

PCMS's commitment to using the latest cleaning technologies and techniques ensures that Ochsner Health Lafayette's facilities are always clean, safe, and hygienic. Their team of experienced and well-trained cleaners work tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, providing peace of mind to both staff and patients alike.

Ochsner is proud to do business with PCMS

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