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Healthy State by 2030 Initiative

Who will lead the charge to improve the state of health for Louisiana by 2030? Ochsner Health will.

Ochsner Health is committed to building a healthier region where people can live and thrive. This initiative is our commitment to improve the overall health of the state. Healthy State by 2030 is driven by a comprehensive strategy to enhance healthcare access, improve health equity and health outcomes.

Our vision is bold: Louisiana will be ranked in the top 40 by 2030.


Why Healthy State?

Healthy State launched with a singular goal: to improve Louisiana’s ranking among the Top 40 Healthiest States by 2030. In this pursuit, we embrace the challenges and can leverage our strengths as leading healthcare, education, and policy organizations and — once and for all — turn things around for all of us.

Year after year, Louisiana ranks near the bottom in nearly all health measures. That’s in sharp contrast to the incomparable culture, heritage, resilience, and joie de vivre that makes our state one of a kind. Moving the Healthy State vision forward, we are collaborating as a multi-faceted team with varied backgrounds, experiences and resources in order to make Louisiana a healthier place to live, thrive and survive.

Thank you for Learning More About Our
Healthy State 2030 Initiative

Next, let's learn about the current pulse of the Healthcare Industry and Ochsner's impact.


Understand the Current Pulse of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing and in order to serve Ochsner as a supplier in the greatest capacity, it is important to understand what we, as an organization, are currently working on and the challenges we face within our industry.


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Now that you've learned about our Health State 2030 Initiative and had the opportunity to understand the current pulse of the healthcare industry, it's now time to register to become a supplier.

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