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If you’re a diverse supplier who would like to explore potential opportunities with Ochsner, we’d love to hear from you!


Doing Business with
Our Local Community

At Ochsner Health, we believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and suppliers. Working with local suppliers not only strengthens the communities we serve, but also provides us with a diverse pool of high-quality suppliers that can help us achieve our mission of providing exceptional healthcare services.
By partnering with local suppliers, we can create economic opportunities, promote job growth, and foster a sense of community. Additionally, working with diverse suppliers provides us with fresh perspectives, new ideas, and innovative solutions to meet our business needs.

We are only as strong as we are united; as weak as we are divided.

What diversity means to Ochsner Health

Ochsner Health is committed to developing shared strategies that leverage its competencies and economic assets in addressing the socio-economic drivers of health in the vulnerable communities it serves.  As part of its commitment to diversity in the markets in which we operate, it is our policy to:

  • engage the talents and services of local diverse suppliers and leverage our buying power to make a sustainable impact locally.

  • prioritize and provide local Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBE) the most achievable opportunity to be included in our contracting and subcontracting activities, ensuring that the dollars we spend contribute to the economic health of the communities we serve.

Good to know...

We exceeded our spend goal with diverse suppliers in 2022 by spending 24.2 million dollars and w're on track to meet our goal of spending more than $100 million with minority-owned businesses by the end of 2025.


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Getting Started with Ochsner Health

What does
Doing Business with Ochsner" look like?

Learn about diversity certifications preferred by Ochsner Health

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Equity in the Chain

Ochsner Health recognizes its role within and impact upon the communities it serves, which includes supporting diverse and small businesses that also serve the region.  Building a healthier region to live and thrive in is not just about providing excellent care to our patients, but also ensuring that we are excellent partners with the numerous suppliers who help us achieve our standard of care.  As part of Ochsner’s Healthy State 2030 initiative, we have developed an Equity in the Chain program, aimed towards increasing business with local small and diverse business suppliers.

Ochsner’s Equity in the Chain program supports its Healthy State 2030 initiative by bringing resources into underserved, urban and rural communities, and utilizing technology and innovation to improve outcomes.  Increasing access to healthcare and improving health equity and health outcomes cannot be done within Ochsner’s network of hospitals and clinics or among its patients alone, but at the root – within its region, locally, at the community level – well before an individual becomes an Ochsner patient.

By utilizing local and small business suppliers, dollars spent within Ochsner’s regional communities continues to circulate within those communities.  Small and diverse businesses that become and remain profitable by doing business with Ochsner can employ and provide healthcare access to more individuals who live within these communities.  In turn, these individuals can then afford higher nutritional foods, use the healthcare to which they now have access, and care for themselves better overall.  All this leads to healthier individuals, healthier employees, and healthier communities, thus contributing to a Healthy State by 2030.



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